Holiday mealtimes

You’ve got enough on your plate (pardon the pun!) organising a family holiday without having to worry about feeding routines. Try my top tips for making feeding-on-the-move more manageable….

 It’s all in the preparation….

Whether you’re travelling by land, sea or air stock up on plenty of suitable snacks. These are some of my favourites;

Rice cakes, Oat cakes, Crackers, Breadsticks, Pitta bread, Plain popcorn

Vegetable sticks (carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes)

Favourite Fruits (tinned and dried fruits and are useful when travelling. Go for fruit tinned in juice rather than syrup, make sure it has a ring pull and don’t forget the fork!)

*Cheese triangles/individual cheese portions

*Houmous, Gaucamole and soft cheee spread – perfect for dipping or spreading on crackers and pitta bread

*Yoghurts (don’t forget the spoon!)

*Hard boiled eggs

*Store these items in a cool bag with an ice brick.

Eating Out;

Try to research the local restaurants and discover which ones are child friendly. It’s not worth going somewhere super posh if you’re going to feel uncomfortable and worry about your little ones getting pasta sauce on the linen table cloths.

Check what facilities they have – high chairs, crayons, play area, baby changing etc. The more you can find out in advance the more you can be prepared by taking the things you know you’ll need

Even when you’re heading out for a meal don’t forget to pack some suitable snacks just in case service is slow and the kids just cant wait!

Don’t be afraid to make special requests. It’s not rude to ask for small portions of an adult meal or for the chicken to be served with potatoes instead of rice. If it allows your child to enjoy their meal more everyone else in the restaurant will thank you.

Keep it Nutritious;

I’m not saying no holiday treats, everyone loves a holiday ice cream, but try not to let healthy eating habits slip too much whilst you’re away. Maintaining a healthy diet is helpful to promote stable behaviour and sleep patterns and it will make returning to normal eating habits easier once you’re home.


It is helpful to try and stick to a regular feeding routine as much as possible when you’re travelling. Children like routine and will benefit from knowing roughly when food is coming.

Try to avoid long gaps between meals leaving children hungry and irritable. Avoiding constant grazing on snacks in between meals will also help not spoil your child’s appetite at mealtimes.

If travel plans and travelling with others means that your usual feeding routine is going to be a bit off schedule then relax, go with it and get back on track when you can.

 Have fun!

A few disapproving looks from friends or family because your child is wearing their burger bun as a hat is not a big deal.  It’s your holiday too so don’t worry, embrace the BBQ’s and the picnics and enjoy yourself – food is fun after all!


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