Children’s Snacks

How do you know if kid's snacks are healthy? In this vlog, family food blogger, Hungry Little Bears, and I take a look at some popular children's snacks and what to look out for.

Snacks are important. They provide a useful top up of nutrients and energy. Particularly for young children, who are growing rapidly and have high nutrient requirements for their size, snacks are a very useful part of the diet.

But what are the best snacks for children? How can we offer something appealing to children that is also going to be nourishing and filling? What actually is in the popular shop bought snacks and how do you know if they are worth buying or not?

These are just some of the questions that I unpick in this short video clip with Caz from Hungry Little Bears.

Together we talk about some of the popular snacks our children like to eat, what to look out for on the labels and why offering a variety of different snacks is key. Caz also shares some fantastic ideas for homemade snacks that are appealing, nourishing and simple to make. For all your snack questions answered check out this clip.....


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