8 Weeks to Confident Weaning

Catherine is delighted to bring you a brand new online weaning course in collaboration with The Luna Hive with an exclusive 40% off when you quote 'catherineweaning40'

This course provides you with all the information you'll need to feed your baby confidently via an online workshop, pre-recorded videos, printable downloads and email. You'll also have access to Catherine's follow up support service so you can email Catherine with all your weaning questions right up until your baby turns 12 months.

The Online Workshop

The course will start with a recorded online workshop with Catherine to take you through the following:

  • when, how and what to start with,
  • best first foods for you baby
  • what foods to avoid,
  • baby led weaning and purees
  • important nutrients for your baby,
  • developing a feeding routine,

Video Library

You'll also receive access to this extensive video library offering bite-sized videos on key topics of weaning such as:

  • When should I start with lumpy food?
  • Practical tips for coping with gagging
  • What to do when your baby isn’t eating the food you offer
  • Guidance on how much your baby should be eating

Written Library

Each week you will gain access to useful documents which compliment the workshop and video and ensure you are guided through the weaning process smoothly and confidently. Example printables include:

  • Everything you need to know about weaning equipment
  • First foods check list
  • Menu planning toolkit
  • Weaning recipes
  • Weaning Blog

Email support

When things don't go to plan or you want to ask a question Catherine will always be on hand to support you. Get in touch with Catherine via email to ask your specific questions. It's like having your own personal nutritionist until your baby turns 12 months!

Bonus Extras:

To help you feel confident starting weaning the Luna Hive have included bonus content from their Mother Hive Membership:

  • Choking vs gagging: A refresher videos plus a useful written guide from the team at Mini First Aid.

And because Mum's nutrition is just as important we are also offering bonus video clips on nutrition for new mums. This includes everything you need to know about:

  • how to have a balanced diet without spending hours cooking,
  • what to eat to give you sustained energy
  • specific information for breastfeeding mamas on what your body needs.

Find out more or book now and don;t forget to quote 'catherineweaning40' for your exclusive 40% discount

“8 Weeks to Confident Weaning Course - I can't recommend it enough!
I like to be very organised, prepared and well educated and this course taught me everything that I could possibly want to know about weaning prior to starting the process. The course teaches you what to feed your baby and why, how often and how to introduce new foods over a period of time but what I like the most, is that this course absolutely encourages you to trust your instincts as a parent, to read your babies cues, to trust your baby and to do what works for you both." 

"Such a great course! I loved being able to do the course from the comfort of my own home and in my own time rather than being stuck in a room for three hours with a baby who will under no circumstances sit still! I attended a Weaning Course with a well known organisation and this course is sooooo much better.  There is no need to sit a room with a restless baby for 3 hours whilst you are bombarded with information which you are expected to remember despite being totally sleep deprived! So being able to do the course at home, being given a load of resources and being able to come back to it again and again as necessary is brilliant."

"The course is much better than other information I have read and much more useful than other weaning courses that I have attended ❤️”