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for the snake’s head

·         Chop 3 inches off one end of a cucumber (whichever end most resembles a snake’s head!).

·         Make a small incision for the mouth and 2 for the eyes using a sharp knife.

·         Using a vegetable peeler shave a small strip of carrot and cut into the shape of a snake’s tongue.

·         Insert this carrot tongue into the incision you have made for the mouth.

·         Using another strip of carrot, carefully cut out two small eyes and insert into the eye holes in your cucumber – you can make the holes bigger using a skewer or cocktail stick if necessary.


for the sandwiches

·         Make a selection of sandwiches or your choice

·         Using a circular pastry cutter roughly the same diameter as your snake’s head, cut the sandwiches out into circles

·         Slice the remainder of your cucumber into chunky slices to place between each sandwich

·         Arrange the sandwiches and cucumber slices alternately on a large plate behind the snakes head to resemble a slithering snake



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