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“We are so grateful to Catherine! She has given us the tools and the confidence to make mealtimes FUN again! She understood our specific needs and built us a simple plan to implement. I would say we noticed a huge improvement even within the first few days. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services”

“I can’t recommend it enough! I like to be very organised, prepared and well educated and this course taught me everything that I could possibly want to know about weaning prior to starting the process. The course teaches you what to feed your baby and why, how often and how to introduce new foods over a period of time but what I like the most, is that this course absolutely encourages you to trust your instincts as a parent, to read your babies cues, to trust your baby and to do what works for you both.”

“We really enjoyed the Weaning workshop with Catherine. She created a really relaxed atmosphere and made us all feel totally comfortable. There was a lot of information but it was wasn’t overwhelming and the time flew by! I feel much more comfortable to start weaning now and knowing I can email her if I have any questions over the following months. I highly recommend.”      Sophie, first time mum, Farnham

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