Fussy Eating

Fussy eating is a common phase of development which most toddlers will experience at some point. It commonly occurs around 18 months when children become instinctively wary of certain foods. Some children may refuse to eat new foods and others will prefer food of a certain colour, texture or flavour which limits the variety in their diet.

Most fussy or faddy eating resolves itself with time and is nothing  to worry about. Take a look at this short video clip to find out more about fussy eating and what you can do to overcome it or get in touch with Catherine for more support.

Catherine offers a bespoke one-2-one fussy eating service which can be tailored to suit your family. Typically this might include;

  1. An initial consultation aimed at helping you to understand your child’s fussy eating and what might be causing it as well as tips and strategies to try
  2. A mealtime time observation. Catherine will visit you at home and observe a mealtime to assess and evaluate your child’s behaviour at mealtimes.
  3. Follow up consultations to help you establish realistic mealtime goals to improve your child’s eating.

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"We recently worked with Catherine on my son's fussy eating. She was outstanding - very experienced and actually listened to our concerns and challenges. She offered practical advice that was tailored to my little boy and our family's schedule. She adopts a completely  non-judgemental approach and invests a lot of time following up and tracking progress. The biggest testament to her approach are clearly the results which we saw within a few weeks of starting sessions with her. I just wish we'd contacted her sooner!" Sai and Tom, Wimbledon

My daughter actually ate all her vegetables at the weekend which hasn’t happened in a long time! Beth, Mum of 2 Walton on Thames

"The fussy eating workshop was great. The tips and strategies really helped to se me on the right path. We have made some great progress with my daughter's fussy eating as a result." Olivia, Mum to 2 yr old in Esher

Fussy Eating Tips