Weaning in Lockdown

catherine Lippe | 26th March 2020

Here are my suggestions for weaning ingredients in a lockdown…. Vegetables and Fruits Frozen veg: Vegetables such as peas, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado and green beans are all great frozen options and perfect for both first foods and later in…..

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Children’s Snacks

catherine Lippe | 28th January 2019

Snacks are important. They provide a useful top up of nutrients and energy. Particularly for young children, who are growing rapidly and have high nutrient requirements for their size, snacks are a very useful part of the diet. But what…..

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How to Manage Fussy Eating This Christmas

catherine Lippe | 12th December 2018

1.Go with the flow: Mealtime routines are often disrupted at this time of year. There might be buffets, copious snacks or meals served at unusual times of the day. All of these things are likely to affect your child’s appetite…..

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New Mums Nutrition Survival Guide

catherine Lippe | 17th October 2018

Research tells us that the nutrition a baby receives from the point of conception through to their 2nd birthday can positively affect their growth and development both now and in the future. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, your family eating…..

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Come on England!

catherine Lippe | 18th June 2018

So often nutrition takes a back seat at parties and celebrations but it’s easier than you think to make healthy food exciting and tasty and you don’t have to spend days preparing it.These party snacks will offer football fans something…..

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National Weaning Week

catherine Lippe | 10th May 2018

It’s national weaning week and I’ve been sharing my top tips and expert advice on the topic all week on social media.  Weaning can be a very exciting stage for both parents and babies but also a very nerve racking…..

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Meal Planning. Why Bother?

catherine Lippe | 18th January 2018

Meal planning is a drag right..? It requires thought and effort and summoning up of meal inspiration for the week when, in reality, you don’t have a clue what you’ll fancy in 2 hours let alone 2 days.Well thank Goodnesss…..

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Festive Foods for the Whole Family

catherine Lippe | 13th December 2017

My Christmas wouldn’t be the same without mulled wine, mince pies and chocolates hanging from the tree but I don’t want it to only be about those things.For my kids, especially, I will always strive to make this time of…..

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Promoting Positive Attitudes Towards Food

catherine Lippe | 30th November 2017

Recently I recorded a podcast with fellow nutritionist Laura Thomas on how to raise an intuitive eater. If you haven’t listened already please do go and check it out here We talked about the importance of using appropriate language to build…..

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