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1 Hour Fussy Eating Online Consultation
Catherine offers online fussy eating consultations tailored to suit your family’s needs.

What is included in an online consultation?
  • 48 hour food dairy analysed before your initial consultation
  • Child feeding history questionnaire analysed before your initial consultation
  • Weight and height history shared if possible
Online consultation:

60 minutes online consultation includes an analysis of your child’s feeding history and current feeding behaviours.

Implementation of  bespoke feeding strategies aimed at reducing your child’s anxiety at mealtimes, gradually increasing the variety in your child’s diet and how to encourage them to try new foods.

A summary of the strategies discussed will be emailed to you following the consultation.

Follow Up Support

Follow up support via email is available for 4 weeks after the consultation to help you establish the strategies we have discussed, ask questions that crop up and make any necessary changes needed to ensure you feel confident in moving forward with your child’s eating.

The cost of this service, including the follow up support, is £79

Catherine’s tailored support and sensitive approach has made me feel much more confident about dealing with my daughters fussy eating. Now we can enjoy mealtimes again!” Mum of 2, Ireland

“Thanks to Catherine’s advice I now feel empowered to put her practical strategies into place and stay positive, food is one of life's greatest pleasures that I want to share with my daughter, I hope that she agrees!” Sofia, mum to Isabelle.

“Catherine’s support allowed me to make the time to really think about what was happening during mealtimes at home, physically as well as emotionally for everyone involved and this reflection has been hugely useful.  We have made small but impactful changes for us all and my daughter’s eating habits are improving step by step. We feel empowered and more importantly mealtimes no longer feel like a battle ground!” Jo, Surrey

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