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Weaning is an exciting milestone for babies but it can sometimes feel overwhelming too. Getting to grips with new foods, textures and a change to your baby’s feeding routine can feel like a lot to handle when you are already coping with everything else parenting has to throw at you! That’s why I’m here, to support you with professional and evidence based advice to help you navigate the wonderful world of food with ease and confidence. Allow me to be your trusted ally as together we create positive and nourishing experiences for your baby and set them up to become a future food explorer!

Workshops £35 per Family


One-to-One £99

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Conquering weaning is just a click away – book a free discovery call to discuss your child’s eating now.

"I would thoroughly recommend Catherine's weaning workshop. It's an absolute must for new mums who don't know where to start when it comes to feeding their babies. I feel so much more confident about weaning after speaking I Catherine, who also offers follow up support should you need it after the workshop. Lots of useful advice given as well as recipes and meal planners. Most importantly, Catherine makes it clear that how, when or what you decide to feed your baby is entirely up to you. She just gives you all the information so you can feel confident with your choices." Lynsey, mum to Jacob

"Really useful workshop, Catherine provided all the information for me to get started with weaning and what I found most useful is the information she then provided to me at the different stages of weaning. As a mum of twins my little girl took to it really easily but my little boy had problems with gagging, Catherine was there either by email or phone whenever I needed advice which gave me the confidence and reassurance to help me through what was easy for one twin but a bit more challenging for the other. Also love the menu ideas she provides!" Deborah Canavan

"Catherine went above and beyond to make sure we were properly supported while our baby weaned and as we developed her diet through the various stages of weaning. We can’t recommend her enough." Emma, Mum to Sophie, South London

"Catherine’s weaning workshop is a must for first time mums who don’t have a clue where to begin. Following a very relaxed and informative couple of hours I now feel confident and excited about getting started. Catherine was amazing and very happy to answers all of my questions!!" Kerry, new mum, London

"I wanted to say a very big thank you for your help in the discovery and the consultation. Speaking to you has been the first time I have felt heard and understood on this difficult journey. Through the advice you have given me I feel more positive about Vida's weaning than I have for months. I feel confident in the plan, more in control again and like I might even be able to enjoy this important learning journey of hers! Thank you. I am sure I'll be in touch over the next four weeks - it's wonderful knowing I have support on hand if things do start to worry me again." Francesca, Mum to Vida

"Thank you for a very informative session, it has made me feel a lot more confident and prepared. I particularly enjoyed the pace of the workshop and being able to stay in contact with Catherine throughout the weaning process." Sally, Mum to 5 month old Grace, Surrey

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