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It’s natural for parents to worry and feel anxious about their child’s fussy eating behaviours especially if those behaviours result in a very limited diet. Parents often feel guilty, like it’s their fault that their child is fussy but this is rarely the case. Whether your child is becoming more and more picky or is showing signs of extreme food refusal I am here to help you.

As a qualified feeding therapist and child nutritionist my child-led approach starts with getting to know you and your child’s feeding behaviours. I am here to listen to your concerns and to support you in finding the right feeding solutions for your child. The strategies we discuss are tailored to suit your child’s feeding and sensory needs and aim to give you the confidence and the skills needed to make mealtimes stress free and to help your child enjoy food.

Fussy Eating:
Trouble Shooting £99

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Fussy Eating:
3-Month Support £199

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Conquering food refusal is just a click away – book a free discovery call to discuss your child’s eating now.

"We are so grateful to Catherine! She has given us the tools and the confidence to make mealtimes FUN again! She understood our specific needs and built us a simple plan to implement. I would say we noticed a huge improvement even within the first few days. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services 🙂 " Jo, mum to Olivia

“For the first time ever, we have been out for brunch together as a family and it wasn’t stressful! No one cried and there were no screams in sight! Sami choose what he wanted from the menu and ate it. We had a great time and it is the first time in a long time that we have been excited to eat out as a family. This feels like a big turning point for us – thank you!” May, Mum to Adam

I wanted to say a very big thank you for your help in the discovery and the consultation. Speaking to you has been the first time I have felt heard and understood on this difficult journey. Through the advice you have given me I feel more positive about Vida's feeding than I have for months. I feel confident in the plan, more in control again and like I might even be able to enjoy this important feeding journey of hers! Thank you. I am sure I'll be in touch over the next four weeks - it's wonderful knowing I have support on hand if things do start to worry me again. Francesca, Mum to Vida

"Catherine took the time to really understand the issues we were having with our son and his limited eating. She supported us to make a plan and gave us lots of suggestions on what we could try and gave us the confidence to try things. The follow up support was excellent and she was really lovely throughout the whole process." Elle, London

“I was having trouble with my 10 month year old's feeding habits, I thought she had turned into a Fussy Easter. But thanks to Catherine we realised it was just a scheduling problem, she was able to talk us through and advise a new plan and approach for my daughter's meal planning. Within a few days we saw a big difference! We are very thankful to Catherine and highly recommend her expertise and knowledge.” Louisa Uzan

“Before we contacted Catherine we were at a bit of a loss. We felt we had tried every trick in the book and we had exhausted all avenues. Catherine opened our eyes to some very simple and realistic approaches that we could easily fit into our daily lives and didn't require too much time, money or effort! In the 6 weeks since we started the approaches Catherine suggested, we have already seen some great improvement and mealtimes are much less stressful!” Jessica Mchale

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