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3 Month Fussy Eating Support Package

Fussy eating behaviours are different for everyone.
Some children reject foods of a certain colour or texture, some children
reject new or unfamiliar foods, others don’t like foods to touch on their plate.

It’s never black and white and there are often a variety of influences
all playing a role in fussy eating behaviours.

It’s natural for parents to worry and feel anxious about their child’s fussy eating
behaviours especially if those behaviours result in a very limited diet.

Parents often feel guilty, like it’s their fault that their child is fussy but this isn’t
usually the case.

Whether your child is becoming picky with showing signs of extreme food refusal.
Find out more below

What is included in the 3-month fussy eating package?


  • Pre-consultation food dairy analysed before your initial consultation
  • Pre-consultation child feeding history questionnaire analysed before your initial consultation
  • Mealtime observation via pre-recorded video, watched and analysed before your consultation.
  • Weight and height history shared if possible


Your initial consultation will include an analysis of your child’s feeding history and current feeding behaviours.
Catherine will discuss some of the possible reasons for fussy eating and help you
understand your child’s fussy eating behaviours as well as how to tackle them.
We will discuss
bespoke feeding strategies aimed at reducing your child’s anxiety at mealtimes and gradually increase the variety in your child’s diet.
A detailed written report including a step-by-step plan of
how to implement the strategies will be emailed to you after the consultation.

Checking in consultation.
Typically scheduled 3-5weeks after your initial consultation this ‘check -in’ includes a 60-minute online consultation to assess how the strategies are being received so far. This is a chance to ask all your questions, make amendments to the strategies and understand what steps to implement next to ensure your child continues to progress with their eating. We will discuss many sensory elements of eating and offer some practical and fun activities to try with your child at home.

Final consultation
The final consultation allows us to explore your child’s feeding behaviours further, assess how your child is responding to the strategies and activities so far and help you feel more confident about moving forward with your child’s eating. By this point Catherine will arm you with a whole tool box of strategies and resources to encourage continued progress with your child’s feeding.

Follow up Support
Between each of your consultations you will be able to email or call Catherine to ask questions as much as you need to. This helps to keep you on track and gives you access to Catherine’s advice and support throughout the whole 3 months. Follow up support ends 4 weeks after your final consultation.

The total cost for this service is £180

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