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Standard Fussy Eating Support Package

It’s natural for parents to worry and feel anxious about their child’s fussy eating behaviours especially if those behaviours result in a very limited diet.

Parents often feel guilty, like it’s their fault that their child is fussy but this is rarely the case. Whether your child is becoming picky with showing signs of extreme food refusal I am here to help you.

This standard fussy eating package is my most popular service and allows me to work closely with you for a period of at least 3 months to ensure you are fully supported in improving your child’s feeding behaviours.

Find out what’s included in this package below……

What's included.....


  • Pre-consultation food diary analysed before your initial consultation
  • Pre-consultation child feeding history questionnaire analysed before your initial consultation
  • Mealtime observation via pre-recorded video, watched and analysed before your consultation.
  • Weight and height history shared if possible

Initial consultation:

  • 60 minutes online consultation to cover analysis of feeding and growth history.
  • Establishing feeding strategies to reduce child anxiety at mealtimes and to gradually increase the variety in your child’s diet.
  • A full, written consultation report is available to you after the consultation along with handouts, resources and any other supporting information.

2 x Follow up consultations. Typically scheduled at 4-6 week intervals:

  • 2 x  60 minute online consultations to assess progress and adapt strategies as necessary.
  • The follow-up consultations are designed to explore your child’s feeding behaviours further, assess how your child is responding to the strategies we have put in place and to explore the various sensory aspects of feeding. This will help shape the strategies further and work towards more progress.
  • Mealtime observations via video link can be included if necessary.

Also included: Follow up support via email/telephone, led by you, for a minimum of 12 weeks from the time of initial consultation.

The cost of this service is £180 and includes all your follow up support.

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